Learn how to become a successful entrepreneur and gain the skills needed to develop, organize and manage your own business.

In a variety of ways, the concept of entrepreneur varies from country to country as well as from period to period and also the level of economic development and the mind perception of various people.

we have seen that entrepreneurship development is basic, wide, comprehensive and flexible. So after this course you will be able to manage and lead your own business perspectives by motivating you self and those around you.


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Understanding the Entreprenuership
Meaning – Origin of the term 00:00:50
Historical Development of the Term 00:00:00
The Course Quiz 00:05:00
Section 2: Classification of entrepreneurs
According to Type of Business 00:15:00
According to Technology Use 00:15:00
According to Motivation 00:00:50
According to Growth 00:02:00
according to Stages of development 00:01:00
Major Factors Influencing Entrepreneurs 00:15:00
Section 3: Business Idea Generation Techniques
Idea Generation – Technical Source 00:00:00
Idea Generation – Market Source 00:00:00
Section 4: Marketing Feasibility
Introduction & Importance of Market Feasibility 00:02:00
Stages in New product development 00:07:00
Project Life Cycle 00:04:00
Classification of Goods & services 00:05:00
Section 5: Financial & Economic Feasibility
Introduction 00:00:00
Methods of evaluating Financial Feasibility 00:00:00
Cost of Production & Marketing 00:00:00
Break Even Analysis 00:00:00
Working Capital Requirement 00:00:00
Source of Finances 00:00:00
Requirement of Funds at different Stages 00:00:00

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