This course aims to equip officers as well as professionals who wish to acquire recent knowledge, skills, and competencies to be able to fulfill their roles in procurement management both Public sector employees and other professionals.This program has been custom designed for work purpose .

The core component of the course is to deliver practical and understanding of rules and regulations in procurement.

After completion of this course, you will able to understand the different procurement procedures and thresholds with in the organisation and the rules governing the procurement manuals.

Course Curriculum

Module One: Procurement Overview
Overview 00:07:00
Purchasing 00:05:00
Module Two: Sound Procurement Principals & Ethics
General Procurement principals 00:15:00
Segregation of Duties 00:05:00
Procurement Ethics 00:10:00
Module Three: Procurement Planning
What is procurement planning? 00:10:00
Planning Procurement Activities 00:15:00
Module Four: Procurement Procedure
General Procurement Process 00:20:00
Steps in Procurement process 00:10:00
Steps in Procurement process…….. Continue 00:15:00
Steps in Procurement process…….. Continue 00:20:00
Steps in Procurement process…….. Continue 00:15:00
Thresholds affiliated in procurement process 00:15:00
Procurement Committee 00:15:00
Paper works required in procurement 00:15:00
Module Five: Contract Administration
Types of Contracts 00:15:00
Contract Requirements 00:15:00
Contract Administration 00:15:00
Contract Close Out 00:10:00
Module Six: Logistics Requirements
Overview 00:10:00
Functions of logistics 00:15:00
Logistics requirement for goods 00:10:00
Major Templates used
Purchase Requisition 00:02:00
Request for Quotation 00:05:00
Tendor Evaluation forms 00:10:00
Purchase Order 00:05:00
Good Receiving Notes 00:02:00
Final Quiz Procurement & Logistics 00:30:00

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